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Armstrong Campus ISRC

Armstrong Campus ISRC Lab

To reserve University Hall 125, 126 and 128 or any Armstrong ISRC resources, please visit the Armstrong ISRC Lab webpage for reservation information.

Armstrong Campus: Instructional Technology Facilities

University Hall 125 (round table/laptop classroom)

  • Laptop/Notebook Computers
    UH125 has a Laptop Cart/Charging Station with 10 Lenovo Laptops (optical drive and SD card slot on these units).
  • Elmo Document Camera
    Similar to an overhead projector the document camera will project the image of any item placed in camera view onto the Smartboard, projector screen or a clean whiteboard. This unit also functions as a camera-taking a still image of item placed in view camera can be used as a teaching tool to present anything from a handheld device such as a smart phone or tablet to a group of people, this allows a larger group of students to have an unobstructed view of the item.

University Hall 126

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets
    34 tablets are available for faculty, staff and students to check out. These tablets run off of an Android Operating System-this is convenient for students who use an Android Smart Phone.
  • Ellison Die Cutter
    Available when needed in UH126.  This unit has 2 different sized sets of the alphabet one in a standard font the other in an italic typeset. There is a limited selection of shapes (mostly geometric themed as well as a few animals and basic shapes). 
  • Cricut smart cutting machine
  • General office tools are also available in these spaces:
    • Paper Cutter
    • 3 Hole Punch
    • Stapler

University Hall 128 (classroom/traditional, lecture style lab)

UH128 is the College of Education funded Computer Lab and contains 24 desktop units with 1 instructor unit and a document camera. The space is also available for students to use the desktop units. Printing services are available in this area. This room is available on an as needed basis (when not reserved by class reservation).

Last updated: 5/1/2023