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Statesboro ISRC Labs

The following are the labs that are available for the COE faculty and staff to reserve for classes.   If you wish to reserve one of our Statesboro ISRC labs  (2165, 2167, 2169), please use our ISRC lab request form button below, and provide us with the room, date, and times you need.  

All of our PC Labs have the following base image software:  7zip, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Java, Kumo, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Office, Putty, Respondus Lockdown Browser, VLC, and WinSCP.

Room #TechnologyCapacitySoftware
2165PC Desktops (Windows 10)25Base, plus Atlas TI, Audacity, Avidemux, ETS Testing Bundle, Miro Video Converter, NVIVO, SAS, Smart Notebook, SPSS
2167ReCreation Room30
2169Innovation Studio20Lego robotics, Dash and Cue robotics, 3D printer
Statesboro Campus ISRC Lab information table

ISRC Lab Calendar

If you would like to subscribe to a calendar, simply click on the +GoogleCalendar button in the bottom right corner of each calendar. *Note that these calendars are read only.

Last updated: 8/10/2023