Instructional Design and Technology Undergraduate Minor

The 100% online undergraduate Instructional Design and Technology minor is an interdisciplinary minor that prepares students to tackle instructional and design challenges in any job setting by using technology to design, develop, utilize, manage, and evaluate learning and training systems. The minor comprises five 3-credit hour courses and is open to all non-education undergraduate majors. The first course in the sequence (ITEC 2130) will be offered Fall 2017. For questions, contact

Why minor in Instructional Technology?

  • Prepare yourself to be a technology leader in any work setting from government, health care, higher-education to business and industry.
  • Inexpensive textbooks and materials that fit your budget.
  • Flexible fully-online program that accommodates your busy schedule.
  • Demonstrate your learning through creative projects instead of exams.
  • Enter the job market with a professional portfolio in hand!

Course Sequence

1. ITEC 2130: Instructional Technology and Design for the Workplace

Instructional Technology and Design for the Workplace is an interdisciplinary course where students design, and develop prototypes of creative, integrated multimedia projects to solve real-world problems and challenges. This course will introduce students to the design and employment of current mobile applications, instructional technologies, multimedia design, social media, and technology-integrated strategies for the workplace.

2. ITEC 3131: Principles of e-Learning

Principles of e-Learning is a foundational course that introduces students to theories and applied learning principles for the design of e-learning environments in professional and educational settings.

3. ITEC 3132: Introduction to Instructional Design

Introduction to Instructional Design prepares students to design and develop professional learning experiences and materials using different approaches for a broad range of business, industry, and educational settings. This course will introduce students to models of instructional design and technology integration.

4. ITEC 3133: Multimedia Message Design

Multimedia Message Design is designed to provide students a framework to access, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically. Students will explore the design processes that are used in the contemporary multimedia design.

5. ITEC 4134: e-Learning Project Management and Evaluation

This course is designed to provide the learner with an introduction to the management of e-learning development projects and the evaluation of e-learning experiences.

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