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Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

The Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development at Georgia Southern University offers a broad range of programs that provide school/system-wide and student-oriented support services for traditional and alternative settings. A diverse selection of graduate programs prepare school and community agency personnel in the areas of school and clinical mental health counseling, educational leadership, higher education administration, instructional technology and school psychology. A doctoral degree program in educational leadership is also offered by this department. In addition to degree programs, the department offers certificate programs in education leadership, instruction technology and school library media, and offers the teacher leader and the online teaching and learning endorsements. The department also houses the Instructional Design and Technology minor.

We are a department that is committed to your success. Our mission is predicated on that of the College of Education, which encompasses the preparation of “…students to teach, lead, counsel and model life-long learning; engage in scholarship that provides new pathways to meet the needs of a dynamic diverse society; and facilitate access to learning opportunities that are authentic, student-centered, and technology-rich.”

Your interest in our programs is appreciated. As you take the opportunity to review what the department has to offer, let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Explore your interests in the following degree programs, and find out which program is right for you!