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M.A.T. in Special Education Mission and Program Outcomes

The MAT Special Education Program aligns with the Georgia Southern Values outlined in its Mission by providing transformative  learning opportunities designed to prepare diverse preservice teacher candidates through the Program’s commitment to academic excellence and personal attention. Resources available as a result of multiple locations, investment in digital technologies, and  collaboration with community partners allow the Program to provide authentic learning environments that prepare candidates to be  special education teachers. The Program aligns with the Council for Exceptional Children’s professional ethics, standards, and high  leverage practices to ensure safe and effective delivery of special education services by entry level special educators. The University  values of collaboration, discovery and innovation, as well as openness and inclusion are supported by the Program through diverse  field experiences. The Program supports collaborative efforts in education through partnerships with clinical special education  teachers, schools, districts, and local service providers throughout Southeast Georgia. Personal attention is provided to candidates  throughout their program by faculty, seasoned special education teachers, and university supervisors. Faculty and staff provide vibrant  learning environments by modeling best practices in teacher preparation. Program faculty embrace and model Georgia Southern’s values of collaboration, academic excellence, discovery and innovation, integrity, openness and inclusion, and sustainability.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcome 1 (Content Knowledge)
By the end of their program, graduates of the MAT in Special Education will demonstrate in-depth content knowledge (planning the learning environment and social interactions; instruction; development and characteristics of learners; assessment; and foundations and professional responsibilities) in Special Education with a professional score on the GACE® Special Education Assessment.

Student Learning Outcome 2 (Learner and Learning)
Prior to entering final student teaching, the candidate will earn at least a “meets expectation” rating in the areas of learner development, learning differences, learning environments, and academic language on the Learner and Learning rubric.

Student Learning Outcome 3 (Planning and Instruction)
At the conclusion of student teaching, graduates of the MAT in Special Education will have demonstrated the effective use of evidence-based practices and classroom management strategies to plan and deliver instruction as evidenced by a Level 3 on Intern Keys (professional knowledge, instructional planning, instructional planning, instructional strategies, differentiated instruction, assessment strategies, assessment uses, positive learning environment, academically challenging environment, professionalism, and communication).

Student Learning Outcome 4 (Assessment)
At the conclusion of student teaching, candidates will have assessed and analyzed student learning, used data to design and make adjustments to instruction, monitored student learning, provided feedback to students, and guided students in using feedback to continue learning at the proficient level or higher as evidenced by a score of Level III on Intern Keys Standards 5 & 6 (assessment strategies and assessment uses).

Student Learning Outcome 5 (Professional Dispositions, Ethics)
By the conclusion of student teaching, the candidate will have demonstrated the professional dispositions expected of educators as evidenced by an average score of “meets or exceeds expectations” on the COE Professional Dispositions Rubric as rated by the University and the clinical supervisors.

Last updated: 6/18/2021