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Undergraduate Programs

The College of Education offers a Middle Grades Education B.S.Ed. Certification program for those interested in meeting the diverse academic needs of students in grades 4-8.

The Middle Grades Education B.S.Ed. Certification Track program is designed for students who are seeking initial teacher certification (grades 4-8). The program will help students develop the knowledge and skills to provide children and adolescents with learning experiences of the highest quality, informed by scholarly practice, research and creative activities. As a student, you will be well-prepared with excellent teaching skills.  You will have many experiences in a variety of public school classrooms prior to the student teaching semester.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements and passing the Middle Grades Education GACE exam, you will qualify for Georgia’s middle-grades teacher Induction certification at the T-4 level.

Professional Certification Disclosure

The College of Education anticipates that graduates of the BSED Middle Grades Education Certification program will seek state licenses or certifications.

The program listed above leads to a Georgia Certificate Upgrade. Visit the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for more information. The College of Education has not determined where its programs will qualify a graduate to take the required exams in other states or territories. Check the requirements of your state or territory using the link provided.

For all Online Programs:

Federal Law requires colleges and universities to make certain disclosures to prospective students of these programs. These disclosures include information on the University’s authority to operate outside of Georgia, complaint processes, adverse actions, and refunds.

For required disclosures in general with regard to online programs offered by the University, visit the Office of Legal Affairs website.

Last updated: 3/23/2021