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Coastal Savannah Writing Project
Georgia Southern University
Armstrong Campus
University Hall, Room 269
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419-1997

About the CSWP

Coastal Savannah Writing Project (CSWP) is hosted by the Georgia Southern University College of Education Armstrong Campus. CSWP was established in January 2010 as one of the 200+ National Writing Project sites hosted by college campuses across the country and, as its mission, focuses on sustained efforts to help teachers improve writing, reading and learning for all learners. Now independent, CSWP retains its primary mission.

The Coastal Savannah Writing Project offers professional growth opportunities for Savannah and Georgia-South Carolina coastal area teachers and advocates exemplary teaching of writing and reading and use of writing and reading for learning in our schools. CSWP is dedicated to helping primary, middle and secondary school teachers build student success in literacy by offering Saturday literacy strategy workshops, summer institutes (linked above) in writing and reading, professional development in-service offerings offerings for schools, monthly Saturday Strategy Seminars, and ongoing support for Summer Institute Fellows. CSWP has the following primary goals:

  • to improve students’ writing abilities by improving the teaching and learning of writing in the coastal area schools
  • to improve students’ reading comprehension by improving the teaching and learning of reading strategies in the coastal area schools
  • provide professional development programs, for K-12 classroom teachers, administrators, literacy coaches, and paraprofessionals in all content areas on literacy topics: e.g., writing, reading, vocabulary, collaborative learning, grammar, through
    • half-day and full-day Saturday workshops and conferences
    • a 1-week, 30-hour Summer Writing Institute and a 1-week, 30-hour Summer Reading Institute
    • school in-service
    • on-site coaching and demonstration lessons in K-12 classrooms



CSWP offers workshops throughout the year on various literacy topics and strategies designed for K-12 educators. Held on Saturday mornings during fall and spring semesters, the workshops engage teachers in lively explorations of thoughtful and effective strategies for teaching literacy—reading and writing—in K-12 classrooms. We offer a few all-day workshops also.

Workshop information coming soon.
Summer Institutes

In the 1-week, 30-hour Summer Writing Institute, participants will engage in exploration, research, and practice of effective strategies for writing and teaching all modes of writing—narrative, memoir, informative, and opinion/argument writing, as well as writing to learn, for K-12 students. Participants will also practice strategies to make themselves more confident writers. In the 1-week, 30-hour Summer Reading Institute, participants will engage in exploration, research, and practice of effective strategies for teaching reading comprehension and teaching reading in all genres and content areas for Grade 2-12 students. Reader response writing strategies to increase comprehension will be stressed. Participants will experience the reading workshop model for whole-class, shared texts, collaborative book clubs, and self-selected independent reading. Participants will become more proficient and confident teachers of readers and better versed in the research behind effective reading instruction.

Summer Institute information coming soon.
On site services

Coastal Savannah Writing Project (CSWP) focuses on the mission of improving the teaching of writing and reading and improving the use of writing by offering high-quality professional development programs for educators, in the coastal region of South Carolina and Georgia, at all grade levels, K–12 and in all content areas. The Coastal Savannah Writing Project’s professional development programs are tailored to suit the needs and interests of individual schools and districts. CSWP can provide interactive in-services during the school day or summer months, on-site coaching and demonstration lessons, assistance with curriculum and planning, and Saturday workshops. CSWP also offers GADOE-approved and registered Professional Learning Unit courses for certification renewal credit. A fee schedule is available upon request.

Included in offerings for professional development in-services, workshops and consultations are:

Writing to Learn: Reader Response to Increase Comprehension of Complex Text & Meet Standards in Reading and Writing – offered as 2 half-day or 1 whole-day session(s)
Steps and Strategies for Teaching Writing
Strategies to Meet Standards in Narrative Writing
Teaching Memoir Reading & Writing to Bridge the Gap between Fiction & Nonfiction Reading and Narrative & Informative Writing
Strategies to Meet Standards in Informative/Expository Writing
Strategies to Meet Standards in Opinion/Argument Writing
The 6-Traits of Writing: Teaching, Assessing & Improving Writing (full-day workshop)
Teaching Writing through Writing Workshop
Research-based Strategies to Teach Vocabulary and Word Study
Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies Across the Curriculum
Teaching Reading through Reader Workshop
Reading and Writing Poetry in all Content Areas
Collaborative Reading & Writing to Engage Reluctant Readers & Writers and Build Classroom Community

Our Team

Donna Loyd
Associate Director

Donna Loyd retired from 13 years at Savannah Christian Preparatory Upper School, where she taught English, creative writing and drama and provided staff development workshops on writing for the faculty. Prior to moving to Georgia, Loyd taught grades 7-12 ELA and directed her district’s Writing in the Content Areas staff development program, which was selected by National Council of Teachers of English as a Center of Excellence. Loyd participated in the Missouri Writing Project and served on the MWP Advisory Board and also served on NCTE’s Committee on Professional Writing Networks for Teachers and Supervisors. Loyd has presented writing workshops at state, national and international conferences.

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