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Language and Literacy Development

Initiative 2: Language and Literacy Development

Critical Resource Award to Support Social-Emotional Learning, Relationship Building and Literacy Development

Leadership teams at Langston Chapel Elementary (LCES) and Langston Chapel Middle (LCMS) Schools were awarded the National Youth-at-Risk Critical Resource Award to support faculty and students at their schools. LCES will be using its funds to support social-emotional learning and literacy development through a series of Saturday workshops for students with concurrent Parent Cafes for their parents. LCMS will be using its funds to support professional development for teachers in culturally relevant pedagogy and restorative discipline practices.

Learning Pod Support for Community Volunteers

Through a collaboration with the United Way and the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), the College of Education developed materials to support community volunteers and other adults who are working with children in learning pods. A guide, titled “Tips and Techniques for Supporting Students in Learning Pods,” and a coordinating powerpoint with hyperlinks to additional resources is available, and Nedra Cossa, Ph.D., and Cynthia Massey, Ph.D., will also provide professional development on an as-needed basis as additional support. The learning pod support materials can also be found on our Partnership and Outreach website. Please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues who are supporting students in learning pods. COE collaborators in the project included: Elizabeth Williams, Ed.S., Nedra Cossa, Ph.D., Kitty Crawford, Ed.D., Stephanie Devine, Ph.D., Kathryn Haughney, Ph.D., Kania Greer, Ed.D., Heather Huling and Mary Thaler

Last updated: 5/17/2021