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Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Initiative 3: Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Mentoring and Supporting New Teachers

Recognizing that the first year of teaching can be challenging, COE’s Taylor Norman, Ph.D., Alisa Leckie, Ph.D, and Courtney Toledo are mentoring and supporting new teachers at DeRenne Middle, Langston Chapel Middle and Langston Chapel Elementary Schools. Providing an extra set of hands in the classroom, the COE faculty are also assisting with additional ideas for lesson design and implementation. The faculty members are focusing on creating positive and productive classroom environments and allowing the new teachers to take the lead with identifying areas in need of support. Along with spending time in the classroom with teachers, the mentors are providing additional virtual support by sharing resources and ideas. The goal is to help new teachers begin with a solid foundation which will hopefully encourage them to remain in the profession.

Last updated: 5/18/2021