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The Pre-Professional Block (PPB) courses will resume in fall 2021. Students registered for PPB courses should contact Dr. Marlynn Griffin for questions before the beginning of the semester. 

Pre-Professional Block (PPB)

The Pre-Professional Block (PPB) program is committed to collaborating with many P-12 schools, to offer students quality classroom experiences that will add to the body of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that teacher candidates need to become reflective educators who meet the diverse challenges of students in Georgia and across the nation. The PPB program will be offered on all  Georgia Southern University campuses, including the Statesboro Campus, the Armstrong Campus, and the Liberty Campus.

This “block” consists of three courses with a practicum (field experience) component:

  • Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education (EDUC 2110)
  • Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts (EDUC 2120)
  • Exploring Learning and Teaching (EDUC 2130)
  • Pre-Professional Block Practicum (EDUC 2090)

Typically, students enroll in all three courses concurrently, and complete the 51 hour practicum, or field experience, that meets on the alternate days of your PPB classes (i.e., if class meets M & W, field experience meets on T & Th).  This field experience does not carry course credit, but it must be satisfactorily completed before a student can be admitted to the upper division Teacher Education Program he or she hopes to enter.

PPB Field Experience

*Please note field experiences will resume fall 2021.  Further information will be posted to this site when available.  

The field experience consists primarily of directed observation and participation in a real classroom setting at a school within a 70-mile radius of Georgia Southern University.

  • Pre-professional block students will attend their field placement for 8 1/2 weeks, two days per week, 3 hours per day for a total of 17 field days and 51 hours in the field.
  • Health and Physical Education majors will complete a single field experience to meet the requirements for Area F courses and HPE Foundations, with the four courses completed concurrently.
  • Music Education and Art Education Majors will complete a modified field experience.

During this time, pre-professional block students will be engaged in a wide variety of activities that range from whole-class observations to individual interactions with children in the class.

This PPB field experience will be graded on a pass or fail basis. PPB students will be assigned a university supervisor (one of the student’s PPB instructors) who will be responsible for assigning the grade for this field experience. The grade for this field experience will be based on evaluations of the university supervisor as well as the student’s clinical supervisor; the basis for the pass or fail grade will be described in the PPB Information Packet and at PPB Orientation, by the PPB Coordinator.