Cleveland serves as a GDOE webinar panelist

Richard Cleveland, Ph.D.

Richard Cleveland, Ph.D., of the Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development was an invited panelist for a Georgia Department of Education webinar titled, “The Culturally Competent School Counselor.” Streamed on February 1, the webinar was available to school counselors statewide and focused on how school counselors can serve as leaders within the school building guiding courageous conversations about underserved student populations, disparities in student outcomes, and engaging systemic stakeholders.

The webinar panel also presented on their involvement with the 5th National Reach Higher White House Convening titled, “Connecting the Dots: Cultural Competence, Counseling, and College and Career Readiness of Underserved Youth.” Cleveland was invited to the convening as a member of the Georgia team, tasked with representing university faculty as well as rural populations’ needs.

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