Numerous COE faculty to present at AERA 2017

The American Educational Research Association’s 2017 meeting will convene on April 27 – May 1 in San Antonio, TX to discuss research centralized around the theme “Knowledge to Action: Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity.”

Georgia Southern University’s College of Education will be well represented at the conference with over 20 faculty members accepted for presentations.

Presentations (in order by date only) from COE faculty members include:

Jonathan C. Hilpert; Gwen C. Marchand Individual-referent and Group-referent Measures of Student Engagement: Linear and Nonlinear Evidence for Classroom Systems
Aslihan Unal; Z. Unal; Yasar Bodur Flipped Classroom Strategy: A Study of Student Performance, Perceptions and Teacher Satisfaction
Scott Beck; Dina Walker-DeVose; Caren Town; Laura Agnich; & Trina Smith Reaching Conservative Teachers regarding Gender and Sexual Diversity in the wake of Obergefell
Antonio Gutierrez de Blume Calibration Among Undergraduate Students: The Role of Gender and Performance Attributions
Amanda Glaze; Liz Barnes; Eli Gottleib; Erich Eder; and Gale Sinatra Relations between Religious Belief and Learning about Evolution: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Dan Rea and Cordelia Zinskie Development of a Holistic Instrument to Assess Need and Readiness of “Forgotten Middle” Students
Alisa Leckie Twenty-Five Years of Race-Evasive Literature on White Teacher Identity
Julie C. Garlen Pop Culture Praxis: Cultural Production as Critical Pedagogy
Julie C. Garlen, (chair/session organizer); Lisa Farley; Gail Boldt; Joe Valente; Sandra Chang-Kredl; and David Lewkowich The Child in Question: Exploring Social Constructions of Childhood
Alma Stevenson and Scott Beck Emergent Conscientization among Pre-teens through Critical, Socioculturally Responsive Literacy Pedagogy
John Weaver Quantitative and Qualitative Methods are not Enough! The Ethics of Research Beyond Methodocentrism
Jonathan C. Hilpert; Gwen C. Marchand; and Jenefer E. Husman Engagement and loss of complexity during interactive instruction: A multilevel analysis of energy science classrooms
Marlynn Griffin and Bryan Griffin Faculty, Staff, and Student Views of Concealed Carry of Handguns on the University Campus
Dean Thomas R. Koballa, Jr. and Chris and Katie Brkich Digital Badges and Differentiated Instruction: Programme Evaluation in Supporting Online Professional Development
Ashlihan Unal and Z. Unal Using Online Case Studies to Prepare Preservice Teachers Working with Parents. What Would You Do in This Situation?
Ashlihan Unal and Z. Unal Investigating and Comparing the Effectiveness of Three Different Case-Based Instruction Strategies in Classroom Management
Michael Moore Whose stories are we telling? Literary knowledge, English curricula and diversity in globalised national contexts
Alma Stevenson and Lacey Huffling With Our Writing, We Had to Think Like Scientists:” Developing STEM Literacy Through Creative Narratives.
Cordelia Zinskie Analysis of Required Twitter Participation in an Online Educational Research Course: Process and Results

*Bold indicates College of Education faculty member.

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