Glaze presents at annual meeting, publishes in Education Sciences

Amanda Glaze, Ph.D.

Amanda Glaze, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Middle Grades and Secondary Education, presented research at the Southeastern Evolutionary Perspectives Society Annual Meeting in Savannah, Feb. 8-10, titled  “Knowledge, Beliefs, Understanding, and Acceptance of Evolution: Goals, Roles, and Measures” to discuss the changing instruments for measures relative to evolution education. During the meeting, Glaze also served as a leader for a teacher professional development workday on teaching controversial topics through culturally responsive practices.

Glaze was also recently published in the Education Sciences journal. Her article, “Teaching and Learning Science in the 21st Century: Challenging Critical Assumptions in Post-Secondary Science,” addresses science literacy and students’ preparedness for post-secondary education in the area of science. Glaze proposes potential action to shift teaching and thinking for higher education to represent a transformative area in science literacy and preparation for the future of the science field.

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