Glaze interviewed by Scientific American

Amanda Glaze, Ph.D.

Amanda Glaze, Ph.D. assistant professor in the Department of Middle Grades and Secondary Education, was interviewed as an evolution education expert by Scientific American. Featured in the August 2018 edition of the publication, Glaze spoke about her experiences of approaching evolution education, particularly in the Southeastern United States, in the classroom and appropriate approaches to teaching students about evolution without discounting their religious beliefs. The article, titled “Bringing Darwin Back,” can be found starting on page 57 of the edition.

Glaze also published a chapter in Evolution Education Around the Globe. The chapter, titled “Controversial Before Entering My Classroom: Exploring Pre-service Teacher Experiences with Evolution Teaching and Learning in the Southeastern United States,” provides a lens for teaching evolution in an area where it is perceived to be controversial and the implications of studies having translational value to teaching and learning evolution around the world.

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