Cleveland invited to speak at Oxford Symposium on School-Based Family Counseling

Richard Cleveland, Ph.D., presents at Oxford Symposium on School-Based Family Counseling

In August, Richard E. Cleveland, Ph.D., associate professor of counselor education and M.Ed. School Counseling program coordinator, was invited to the 2019 Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling.

The Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling (or SBFC), presents a compelling vision of integration across the worlds in which children live and the disciplines within which helping professionals are often siloed. The objective of the Oxford Symposium is to make visible the “invisible college” of international experts in school-based family counseling and to provide opportunity for information exchange, co-operation and collegiate networking.

The Oxford Symposium is an invited, residential conference limited to approximately 25 members each year. Held at Brasenose College in the heart of Oxford University, this week-long, international, interdisciplinary symposium brings together experts in SBFC and SBFC-related fields. Invited members are selected through their published works and research.

Cleveland’s presentation was titled, “Focusing on Student Happiness: School Counselor Role Towards Fostering Students’ Subjective Well-Being” and discussed ways in which non-academic factors such as well-being, happiness, and school climate, may enhance school improvement processes. Additionally, the presentation explored how non-academic factors may also mitigate harmful influences of homo economicus policy decisions within public education in the United States.

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