Hodges co-authors article on temporary online teaching

Charles Hodges, Ph.D.

Right before announcements were officially made that coursework would move to an online platform, College of Education’s Charles Hodges, Ph.D., and colleague Stephanie Moore, Ph.D., could see the ‘writing on the walls.’ Knowing that this would be a novice experience for some, Moore and Hodges crafted a quick guide for the basic needs of online instruction and provided useful comparisons to approaches for online learning.

The article, published by Inside Higher Ed, includes a comparison of synchronous (requiring students to complete an assignment or log into a lecture at a particular time) and asynchronous learning. “Think about whether synchronous meetings are really needed,” the article reads. “Disruptions that are major enough to force closures, etc., can also be major enough to significantly impact people’s schedules and availability. Is it really important that students be present live, at a specific time, for a lecture?”

Hodges and Moore also pose questions to help readers consider the importance of various options in online learning platforms such as: what content could be recorded?; how to make yourself available to students?; and how to support complex student needs?.

Hodges is a professor of instructional technology in the Department of Leadership, Technology and Human Development.

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