Hodges quoted by Inside Higher Ed

In a time when the world is looking to determine the best way to deliver virtual instruction, Georgia Southern University College of Education’s Charles Hodges, Ph.D., is a valuable resource of instructional technology knowledge.

In an interview with Inside Higher Ed, Hodges provided guidance on a big debate right now — synchronous or asynchronous instruction.

Hodges, a professor of instructional technology for the College, explained in the article that the “first impulse” for individuals to often plan for delivering synchronous instruction or lectures, say at the time the class would have met, since students were expecting to be in class this semester.

However, that might not be the best choice during this pandemic.

Maybe synchronous delivery is the “best option for your particular circumstance, but it should be a thoughtful decision considering several factors — not simply that you think your students need to see your talking head,” Hodges said.

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