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Research within the College of Education:

  • seeks to enhance the practice and profession of teaching
  • seeks to render teaching public
  • is subject to critical evaluation
  • is usable by others in both the scholarly and the general community.

The research of the college focuses on four broad areas that correspond to the four key commitments of the college’s conceptual framework. It is intended to serve as a general reflection of research interests and strengths rather than a prescription for all research.

C. 1  Research to Advance the Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions of the Profession
Research in this area focuses on theories of learning and the development of applications of such theories.  The college encourages studies that move beyond comprehension of learning theory and that advance the integration and evaluation of family and community influences on learning, particularly within the context of rural communities and schools.

C. 2   Research to Advance Understanding of Issues of Diversity 
Research in this area focuses on deepening our understanding of the social, cultural, and political context of education and its implications for particular groups and society in general.  Studies in this area may include work to understand achievement gaps and efforts to achieve academic and social equity.  It may also include theoretical work seeking to elucidate the socio-political beliefs that underlie issues of diversity.

C. 3  Research on the Use of Technology in Education
Technology is quickly gaining a central role in all areas of education.  The college’s research in this area seeks to introduce new technologies for educational purposes as well as to develop the improved use of technological innovations.

C. 4  Research on  Practices of Continuous Reflection and Assessment
Much of the early research in the field of education led to the development of static curricula, strategies, or technologies designed to improve learning.  The College recognizes the importance of educators in the continuous development of the profession.  Research in this area focuses on the continued development & evaluation of best practices for practitioners working individually or within learning communities.

The COE Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Committee encourages faculty to collaborate across departments in developing research projects that address the above themes.

Last updated: 1/19/2021