Faculty Research Interests

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Areas of InterestResearch Skills
Adefope, OlufunkeElementary & Special Education
Mathematical learning and educational development of African-American male students, elementary school mathematics, mathematics teaching and learning in under-served low income communities.
Akcaoglu, MeteLTHD- 478-0005game-design, problem-solving, complex problem-solving, online education, distance education, social presence, sociability, social networking sites in education, instructional design, systems thinking, motivational constructs (interests, value, relevance), maker spaces, virtual reality.
Arrington, NancyElementary & Special Education
Service-Learning, Self Efficacy, Arts Integration, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
Beck, ScottMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Migrant, Immigrant, Mexican American, and ESOL education in the Rural South.
Bodur, YasarElementary & Special Education
Multicultural teacher education, diversity in general and linguistic diversity in particular, field-based teacher education, reflective practice, classroom management
Brinson, MacLTHD-478-5324Politics of education
Brkich, KatieElementary & Special Education
Elementary science education, place-based and inquiry science teaching and learning, photo-elicitation qualitative methods, science for social justice, gender, race, and socioeconomic bias in science Constructivist Grounded Theory (Charmaz), Photo-based data collection and elicitation methods, Researching with elementary-aged children.
Brown, Sally AnnCFR-478-7268English language learners, Latino immigrants, K-3rd language and literacy development, classroom discourse analysis, sociocultural and critical perspectives on education
Calhoun, Daniel W.LTHD-478-1428The preparation, development, and support of graduate students and professionals in student affairs and higher education administration. Related research interests include the impact of technology, mentorship, supervision, and gender on leadership and student learning.
Chambers, WendyCFR-478-5921Developmental psychology, cognitive development in early childhood, memory development, development of understanding of the mind, pretend play and its influence on cognitive development, logical reasoning in children
Chamblee, GregoryMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Technology in all areas, integrating technology in P-12 mathematics, using differing strategies to teach mathematics, curriculum alignment
Chapman, DanielCFR-478-5715Social and cultural foundations of education, media studies, documentary filmmaking, critical pedagogy, postcolonial theory
Cleveland, RichardLTHD-478-8022 Assessment, School Counseling Outcome Research, Student/Client spirituality,
Crawford, KathleenElementary & Special Education
Implementing standards-based classrooms through backwards design, strategy-based literacy instruction, children's literature, classroom management techniques, effective supervision of pre-service teachers, mentoring beginning teachers
Diamanduros, TerryLTHD-478-1548Childhood trauma, the psychological impact of trauma on boys, mental health consultation in schools, neurodevelopmental and psycho-educational assessment, the role of school psychologists in school and outside school settings, early intervention and infant development
Disney, AndreaElementary & Special Education
Facilitating in-service teacher learning to bring about mathematics instructional change; Using high-leverage practices (e.g. discourse, task selection) to engage diverse learners in rich, meaningful mathematics learning: Instructional strategies that support sense-making
Downs, ElizabethLTHD-478-5634Technology integration in instruction, online learning, e-portfolios, iPad applications for instruction, cyber bullying
Durodoye, BethLTHD-478-8533Multicultural counseling competencies, social justice and advocacy in counseling, intercultural marriages, and international approaches to counseling
Field, BruceT&L-478-0210 Professional Development Schools and school-university partnerships, teacher candidate preparations, secondary social studies, history of U.S. foreign relations in the 20th Century, and the Vietnam War
Fisher, KarinElementary & Special Education
Extracurricular STEM activities and Students with Disabilities
Franks, SusanElementary & Special Education
Early childhood language arts (grades pre-k - fifth), literacy development
Gallard, AlejandroMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Understanding the complexities that contribute to students’ lack of success: such as race, ethnicity, and gender and the tensions between education policy and teaching and learning in general and science in particular.Qualitative, polysemia, case study, Narrative, Interviewing, Contextual Mitigating Factors (CMFs), Critical theory, Neoliberalism, grant writing.
Garlen JulieElementary & Special Education
Early childhood education, cultural curriculum studies, creativity, consumption, public pedagogy
Glaze, AmandaMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Science literacy, culturally responsive teaching, conceptual change/conceptual ecologies in science teaching and learning, intersections of science and public opinion, pre-service science education, evolutionary anthropology/psychology, evolution and climate change education and public outreach.Qualitative and mixed methods: Regression analyses, large data set collection and analysis. interpretive biography/narrative, case study, grounded theory; grant writing.
Griffin, BryanCFR-478-0488Student ratings of instruction, high school dropout issues, issues of motivation, research methods and designs, statistics, survey sampling and development, measurementLinear (e.g., regression, ANCOVA) and mixed (e.g., multilevel, random effect) models, random effects logistic regression, structural equation models, sample size determination, measurement, and psycho metrics.
Griffin, MarlynnCFR-478-0695Assessment: classroom and standardized, curriculum alignment, text processing, adjunct displays as they assist with learning, instructional improvement issues, social networking and professional ethics Project evaluation
Gutierrez de Blume, AntonioCFR-478-0008Self-regulated learning; meta cognition; comprehension monitoring; calibration accuracy and bias; critical thinking; problem solving and reasoning; errors in human judgment; motivation; the role of visual displays in learning; research methodology; statistics.General linear model approaches--> univariate statistics (ANOVA, ANCOVA); multivatiate statistics (MANOVA, MANCOVA); latent variable modeling (structural equation modeling, factor analysis); multilevel linear modeling and related techniques; meta-analysis.
Harris, KymberlyElementary & Special Education
Appropriate delivery of services for students with disabilities in alternative placement and residential treatment facilities, transition goals and services for incarcerated youth with disabilities, self-determination as a motivational approach, professional development schools
He, Ming FangCFR-478-1546Education, inquiry, and life in-between the Eastern, Western, and exile philosophy and pedagogy with a particular focus on Confucius, Dewey, Makiguchi, Ikeda, and Saïd; cross-cultural narrative inquiry of language, culture, and identity in multicultural contexts; cross-cultural teacher education, curriculum studies, activist practitioner inquiry, social justice research, exile curriculum, narrative of curriculum in the U. S. South, transnational and diasporic studies, oral histories of Chinese immigrants and their children's experience of language, culture, identity, and power in the neighborhoods; communities, and schools in the U. S. South, activist practitioner inquiry that explores life in Southern U. S. schools, families, and communities; research on the education of minority and disenfranchised individuals and groups in Asia
Hilpert, JonathanCFR-478-5125Student motivation, engagement, and interactive learning; emergent and self-organizing properties of classroom systems; knowledge construction and complex scientific phenomena; quantitative research methods and applied statistics.Bivariate and Multivariate Statistics, Network Analysis, Non-linear time series analysis; SPSS, HLM, EQS, R; Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research Design; Grant Writing (e.g. NSF, Spencer, Internal); Project Evaluation
Hodges, CharlesLTHD-478-0497Learner motivation, self-efficacy, self-regulation, online or technology enhanced teaching and learning, instructional design, emerging technologies, peer review as an instructional strategy
Hotchkiss, Anna KayCFR-478-2496Early childhood education, early childhood related field experiences, human growth and development that spans from prenatal development through adolescents, educational psychology focusing on student motivation, discipline and management techniques for maintaining a positive learning environment
Howerter, CatherineElementary & Special Education
Collaboration, co-teaching, access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities, preservice teacher education, and school partnerships.
Huffling, LaceyMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Understanding how marginalized populations learn and experience science through identity development and agency. Critical socioculturalEthnography, photo-voice, and qualitative research; Dedoose and Nvivo
Hunt, Brandon BealeLTHD    478-0502Counselor professional development and training, client experiences with disability, and qualitative research in counselingQualitative research, particularly from a phenomenological perspective; Grant writing; Writing for Publication
Jones, StephanieLTHD  478-5250Storytelling, School librarianship in the 21st century, online pedagogy, internships and e-portfoliosQualitative research, narrative methodology
Koballa, Thomas R., Jr.Dean-478-5649Science teacher learning and mentoring
Lake, RobertCFR-478-0355Multicultural education, imaginative education, educational biography, the history of ideas, teacher identity, qualitative research and critical pedagogy
Landers, EricElementary & Special Education
School-wide positive behavior interventions and support (all levels), functional behavior assessment (FBA) and behavioral intervention planning (BIP), emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD), classroom-based behavioral interventions, systems change, inclusion
Leckie, AlisaMiddle Grades & Secondary EducationEnglish language learners, academic language, preparing teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse studentsDiscourse analysis, qualitative and mixed method research design, case study approaches
Linderholm, TracyAssoc Dean Graduate-478-5325Cognitive and meta-cognitive processes involved in advanced reading, science text comprehension, multiple text processing, individual cognitive differences in reading such as constraints in working memory capacity and dyslexiaThink-aloud protocols, experimental design, ANOVA/SPSS, technical writing
Liston, DeloresCFR-478-1551Curriculum Studies, philosophy of education, feminism, gender studies, joy in education, ethics and education, sexual harassment in schools
Mayes, Robert L.Middle Grades & Secondary Education
Reasoning in STEM, quantitative reasoning including mathematical modeling, virtual online professional development in STEM education, undergraduate STEM educationRasch analysis, factor analysis, grounded theory, grant development
McBrayer, JuliannLTHD 478-5307Program evaluation of educational leadership and teacher preparation programs to ensure effectiveness. Models/programs of Professional Learning Communities with an emphasis on leadership preparation and teacher leadership. Distributed and Instructional Leadership and innovative pedagogy in educational leadership preparation. Self-efficacy in the area of student preparedness within educational leadership preparation programs. Preparation of scholarly practitioners and researchers in leadership preparation programs.
Melton, TeriLTHD-478-0510Dispositions of leaders, global perspectives on school leadership behaviors and characteristics, the principal as instructional leader, leadership capacity, principal retention, performance-based leadership training
Moore, Michael CFR-478-0211Education reform, Common Core Standards Initiative, literacy, English education literature, content reading, former editor of English Education published by the National Council of Teachers of English
Morris, MarlaCFR478-5942Curriculum Studies, Eastern and Central European history, Holocaust Studies, psychoanalysis, queer theory, post structuralism
Newkirk, AprilElementary & Special Education
Early childhood reading and social studies education, multicultural teacher education, teacher education through field supervision
Parks, FaythLTHD-478-5738Mental health, ethnopsychology, positive psychology, health and spirituality, cultural competency in counselor education and psychology, student services in higher education
Prosser, ElizabethCFR    478-5859Critical inquiry pedagogy, sociocultural pedagogical theory, transactional theory, language and literacy development, vocabulary, struggling readersQualitative and Mixed Methods Research Design, Formative Experiments, Action Research
Rea, DanCFR-478-1547Learning communities, small schools, student well-being, student dispositions, peace education, educational change, high-performing high-poverty schools, achievement motivation, student underachievement, resilience, creative thinking strategies, math education.
Reidel, MichelleMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Democratic education, Role of emotion in teaching in learning, politics of emotion, social studies teacher education, Social Studies Curriculum
Reynolds, WilliamCFR-478-0291Post-structural analysis of curriculum issues, curriculum theory, film studies, cultural curriculum studies, critical teaching, critical thinking, Freirian approaches to pedagogy
Rittschof, KentCFR-478-0672Educational psychology, human learning and cognition, instructional technology, educational/psychological measurementApplying Item Response Theory (IRT) to assessments including those with moderate size data sets. Rasch modeling, constructing linear measures from ordinal data, and diagnostic analyses for dichotomous items and rating scale items on surveys and tests. Instrument calibration including analyses of reliability, item/person fit, item polarity, item category functioning, and sample targeting. SPSS GLM Procedures.
Robbins, JudiElementary & Special Education
Language and literacy development, EC language arts with an interest in writing
Romero, NeriElementary & Special Education
Early intervention, applied behavioral analysis, and education of school-age individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
Ross, SabrinaCFR-478-0008Critical pedagogy, teaching for social justice, black feminist and womanist epistemologies, issues of power in schoolsQualitative methods of inquiry; Action research; social justice inquiry
Scott, HeatherMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Pre-service teacher education, science literacy, professional development for in service teacher through grants
Shannon-Baker, PeggyCFR   478-0008Critical approaches to international education, study abroad, and service-learning; global multicultural education; teacher education for social justice; mixed methods research; arts-based research; methods in educational research Mixed methods: design and evaluation of mixed methods studies, program evaluation, integration of diverse/divergent data sets; Arts-based research and arts-informed research; Qualitative: feminist qualitative inquiry, NVivo; Aligning research design and implementation with philosophical and theoretical frameworks; Writing for publication
Smith, CheldaElementary & Special EducationSociology of Education, critical pedagogy, critical literacy, faculty development, asset pedagogies, teacher ed, ESOL/ELQualitative Methodologies: Action research, CDA, ethnography
Soares, LinaMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Critical pedagogy and critical literacy, content-area literacy, adolescent literacy, teacher education, and gifted educationQualitative Methodologies, Action Research, Mixed Methods, Discourse Analysis
Stevenson, Alma D.CFR-478-7831K-8 Socio-culturally responsive literacy pedagogy for diverse populations, emphasis on Latinas/os and African Americans;
Thomas, DeborahAssoc Dean Undergrad-478-5247International educational issues, teacher professional development, and teacher preparation
Tysinger, DawnLTHD-478-5792School psychology consultation, supervision, the training of school psychologists
Unal, AslihanElementary & Special Education
Assessment, online/ distance education and use of technology, use of case studies in teaching, parental involvement
Wall, AmandaMiddle Grades & Secondary Education
Middle grades curriculum & instruction; literacy integration; curriculum integration; motivation; adolescent literacyQualitative methods, case study
Weaver, JohnCFR-478-1709Cultural studies of science and technology, popular culture, academic politics, using pharmaceuticals to control children
Wells, PamelaLTHD 478-5917Mindfulness and counseling, counseling supervision, graduate student wellnessConstructivist grounded theory; Photovoice
Williams-Johnson, MecaCFR-478-5252School choice, home education, rural education, parental involvement, student motivation, efficacy belief, emotions in teaching and learning, qualitative research design, program evaluation, and mixed-methods in social researchQualitative Research Design and Mixed Methods
Woodward, ShelleyElementary & Special Education
Preservice teacher development, teaching strategies for students with disabilities, children's literature
Zinskie, CordeliaCFR-478-1438Online teaching and learning, research methodsQuantitative and Mixed Method Research Design, Program Evaluation, Academic Writing/Editing

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