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IRB Training Video Series

The Georgia Southern University’s College of Education has prepared a video series to help students, faculty, and staff prepare for IRB review. The video provide a basic overview of Institutional review board processes about why IRB is necessary and the process for approval. The videos provide a basic introduction, and provide a context for more in depth information provided by the Office of Research Integrity.

The videos can be integrated into instructional materials for graduate students, as well as utilized by other faculty and students with a general need or interest.  Creation of the videos was funded by Georgia Southern University’s College of Education.

IRB Training Videos Part 1: An Introduction to Institutional Review Board (IRB) Processes

Video 1.1: What is the IRB?
Video 1.2: When is IRB Required?
Video 1.3: How do I get IRB Approval?

IRB Training Videos Part 2: Risk for Human Subjects and Types of Research

Video 2.1: Risk and Benefits of Research
Video 2.2: Minimizing Risks in Research
Video 2.3: Determining the Type of Review

IRB Training Videos Part 3: Completing the IRB Application Process

Video 3.1: Qualities of IRB Writing
Video 3.2: Completing the IRB Application
Video 3.3: The IRB Review Process

Last updated: 3/25/2022