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STEM School Outreach

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The Georgia Southern University College of Education is pleased to offer i2STEMe School Outreach, a science and social studies content and curriculum support program for K-12 classrooms. Through the Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education (i2STEMe), materials and supplies are provided to support active and engaged STEM and social studies classrooms throughout Southeast Georgia.

School Involvement

School participation is based on a membership structure that allows flexibility of involvement to meet the needs of individual systems, schools, and teachers.  To apply,  please visit our Membership Page for specific information.

Equipment, Materials and Social Studies Kits

The i2STEMe School Outreach program offers a wide variety of consumable and non-consumable materials for use in the classroom. To assure that all teachers and students have access to needed materials, the program has a large lending inventory including multiples of the most popular items. The equipment and materials consist of items such as lasers, microscopes, fossil sets, spectrometer, solar energy science kits, and electrostatic generators just to name a few.  The social studies kits are complete lesson plans, materials, and supplies based on topics which align to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Equipment, materials and social studies kits are available for pick-up at Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro or Armstrong Campus locations. All materials are available for a duration of two weeks. Some materials may have a renewal or extension available. All equipment, teaching aids, kits, and non-consumable materials including packaging are due back in the same condition as received on the indicated due date. All items are to be returned to the Georgia Southern i2STEMe School Outreach program prior to being checked out by the next member. Many of the materials available are items that most schools can not afford individually.  Through i2STEMe School Outreach program, schools, teachers and students have the opportunity to experience a wide range of STEM and social studies equipment and resources.


i2STEMe School Outreach originated as Georgia Southern University Museum’s Project SENSE (Science Education Network for the Southeast) and Project BESST (Be Engaged in Social Studies Teaching). Project SENSE was established in 1989 with grants from the Eisenhower Higher Education Act, Georgia Southern University, and private industries such as Georgia Power Company, Cooper-H.K. Porter Wiss, Claxton Poultry Inc., and Amco. Project BESST was initiated in 2004 with improving Teacher Quality Grants thanks to a generous gift from the Greene Sawtell Foundation. These program combined, offered over 200 science kits to 27 public and private school systems. i2STEMe hopes to continue the success and growth of these programs.

STEM Nights

i2STEMe is available upon request, if given a 30-day notice, for on-site hands-on STEM education presentations at participating schools for STEM Nights and/or for student/parent nights or events. Please contact the i2STEMe directly at 912-478-8650 or for more information.

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