STEM Conference


The purpose of the Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference is to authentically engage student centered instructional best practices where students learn to think critically to address local, regional, national and global challenges in STEM courses across Georgia’s institutions of higher education. It will provide space for showcasing and discussing the work that is happening to advance STEM teaching and learning. Participants are invited from all USG and Southeast regional colleges and universities, private higher education institutions, research institutions, and K-12 schools.  Please mark your calendars for the next STEM Conference, spring 2020.

Target Audience:

    • K-12 Educators
    • Post-secondary faculty
    • STEM Researchers
    • Informal Science/STEM Educators

Last updated: 4/30/2019

Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education • Georgia Southern University College of Education PO Box 8013 Statesboro, GA 30460 • 912-478-8650