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Student Organizations

OrganizationFaculty Advisor /RepresentativeWebsite
Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA)Dr. Amanda Wall
Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Graduate Student Organization Website
Honors College - College of EducationDr. Meca Williams-Johnson
 Honors Program Website
Student Council of Exceptional ChildrenDr. Karin Fisher
Mrs. Tonya Cooper
Dr. Catherine Howerter
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Student Government Association (SGA)
 Student Government Association Website
Student Professional Association
of Georgia Education (SPAGE)
Dr. Katie Brkich
 SPAGE Website
SPAGE members are college students who are in teacher preparation programs. They receive up-to-date information on education legislation, salary schedules, and current “hot” issues in the teaching field. A benefit offered to SPAGE members is liability insurance which is a necessity for students who are already working with children through their practicums, student teaching, and other field experiences.

Last updated: 4/23/2019