ESOL Endorsement Courses

TCLD 4233/6233  Applied Linguistics and ESOL

The course will address the major theories of first and second language development. The course will examine structures and systems of English and other languages. The course will investigate critical sociocultural perspectives on language in use. All course elements will be applied to community and classroom learning contexts.

TCLD 4231/6231- Cultural Issues and ESOL

An introduction to the major theories and research related to the nature and role of culture in classroom instruction. Students will gain and demonstrate understanding of how cultural groups and individual cultural identities contribute to language and literacy development and school achievement.

TCLD 4235/6235- Methods for ESOL

This course will address current second language acquisition theory and its application to curriculum development and instructional strategies. Participants in this course will design curriculum and learning activities that facilitate the use of English as an additional language in listening, speaking, reading, and writing across multiple grade levels and content areas. In addition, participants will develop strategies for integrating school, neighborhood, and home resources to further the education of English learners.  Please see specific prerequisites for each course.

Last updated: 6/26/2019

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