Prior Learning Assessments: Procedures and Timelines

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The purpose of these Prior Learning Assessments is to provide M.Ed. in Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students applicants who previously earned their ESOL endorsement – possibly as an undergraduate or through their school system – an opportunity to earn graduate credit for their knowledge and expertise.

Prior Learning Assessments are available for ESED 5233G – Applied Linguistics and ESED 5235G – ESOL Methods.  M.Ed. in TCLD students can choose to attempt, none, either, or both. Successful completion of each assessment will result in 3 graduate credits per assessment toward the M.Ed in TCLD (for a maximum total of 6 credits).

Prior Learning Assessments must be completed by an applicant/student prior to being admitted to the program or during their first semester in the program.

If you are interested in attempting one or both assessments, please follow the steps below:

    1. Complete Part 1 on the Prior Learning Assessment Form for EACH assessment you wish to attempt.
    2. Email your complete form(s) to the TCLD Program Director, Alisa Leckie, at at least one week prior to the beginning of the next testing window (listed below).
    3. Use the study guide, portfolio description, and rubric to prepare for the assessments.  Note: The Applied Linguistics assessment is an exam that must be taken during testing window.  The ESOL Methods assessment is a portfolio that can be prepared in advance of the testing period.
    4. At the beginning of the two-week testing window, you will receive log in information sent to the email you used to submit the initial form.  This log-in information will allow you to access the online Applied Linguistics exam and the dropbox for the ESOL Methods portfolio.
    5. Complete the exam and/or upload your portfolio during the two week window.
    6. The TCLD Program Director will email results and feedback approximately one week after the testing period ends. A grade of a B (80%) or better must be earned to receive credit.  Earned credit will appear as “K” credit on transcripts.
Testing Periods
Fall 2019: October 7-21 (Applications for Spring admission due Nov. 1)
Spring 2020: March 9-23 (Applications for Summer admission due April 1)
Summer 2020: June 8-22 (Applications for Fall admission due July 1)
Testing Materials
Material Description Link
Applied Linguistics Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Study Guide
ESOL Methods Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Rubric
ESOL Methods Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Last updated: 6/26/2019

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